Used Rail For Sale

Many people believe that second-hand rails should be refurbished, which can not only reduce the cost of new rails, but also recycle the used rail, but in fact, this is not worth it.

The existing rails are made of unique materials and manufacturing processes, and ordinary factories cannot carry out smelting at all. Only by purchasing high-priced electric furnace equipment can they be melted and recast. However, this not only consumes a lot of power resources, but also has transportation costs and storage costs, which are more expensive than re-smelting a batch of rails.

Leaving aside the cost of recovery, it’s also a big technical hassle. At present, the secondary processing rail technology in China is not mature. If you blindly try to reprocess the rail, it is likely to involve some patented technologies of other countries, and the final result will not be worth the gain.

It is precisely because of this that we will see the railway department place some rails in some open places, let the wind and rain wait for them to be damaged naturally, or simply bury them in the soil to speed up the corrosion of the rails. Many people can’t understand, even if it is not recast, can’t it be sold to individuals or companies?

In addition, the dismantled rails seem to be completely “scrapped”, but in fact, only a small part of them are actually discarded.

Nowadays, the used rails in China has been greatly improved. Most of the uesd rails that have been removed are not unusable, but need to be repaired or have reached their service life. After these rails are removed, they will generally be stored in the station. If there is an emergency, it will be used as a temporary railroad track.

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