Track And Rail

As an excellent production and sales enterprise in China’s railway equipment and railway accessories industry, AGICO Rail also supplies track fastener systems, threaded spikes, hook spikes, track bolts, tunnel segment bolts, anchor bolts, T-bolts, fish Tail bolt, washer gasket, elastic strip, gusset, shrapnel, fish plate, iron pad, iron pad base, track anti-climbing device, railway bridge embedded parts, embedded iron seat, nylon gauge block, Nylon casing, plastic casing, rubber pad, plastic pad, rails, turnouts, sleepers, train brake shoes, etc. We have to work hard to make China’s high-speed rail go global.

The function of the rail is to guide the wheels of the rolling stock to move forward, bear the huge pressure of the wheels, and transmit them to the sleepers. In electrified railways or automatic blocking sections, the rails double as track circuits. So what are the uses of reusing rails:

Recycled rails can be used to make cheap rails for one-off lines. For example, if you want to move equipment in a factory, but the equipment is too heavy, you can use recycled rails to lay temporary lines. Reusable steel rails can be used as dunnage. Many warehouses of large heavy industrial enterprises use reusable steel rails as dunnage, because they are not expensive and their shape is also very suitable for dunnage. There is a certain height difference, and the shape is flat. After the goods are put on, they will not be worried about falling like logs. Cranes are used to lift equipment. Generally, the cranes are not used when they are used up, so there is no need to buy new rails at a high price. As long as the wear is not very serious, the rails can be reused.

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