American Standard Steel Rail

American Standard Steel Rail
Standard: AREMA standard
Material: SS, HH, LA, IH, U71Mn
Size: 115RE, 136RE, ASCE60, ASCE85, etc.
Length: 6-12, 12-25m

American standard steel rail is a common type of rail track. AGCIO Rail supplies American standard steel rails and implements American ASTM A1 standard. The specifications are complete and ASCE25 30 40 60 75 85 90RA 115RE 136RE 175LBS specifications are available.

Specifications of ASCE rail

ASCE 2538.169.8569.857.5412.47006-12
ASCE 3042.8679.3879.388.3314.887006-12
ASCE 4047.6288.988.99.92 19.847006-12
ASCE 6060.32107.95107.9512.329.767006-12
ASCE 7562.71122.24122.2413.4937.2900A/110012-25
ASCE 8565.09131.76131.76 14.2942.17900A/110012-25

Service of AGICO Rail

  • Customization service as you need.
  • European Standards and CE Marking
  • Five years warranty.

It’s all convenient for the needs of our customers. Our aim is to let you enjoy the best service and quality with the least amount of money. Let customers enjoy one-stop convenience and peace of mind. It can also provide you with cutting and galvanizing and other rough processing services for rails. The reasonable and good quality are features of our company.

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