Railroad Rail

Railroad rails are the main components of railway tracks. Various countries in the world have their own standards for producing rails, and the classification methods are also different.


British standard: BS series (90A, 80A, 75A, 75R, 60A, etc.)

German standard: DIN series crane rails.

International Union of Railways: UIC series.

American Standard: ASCE series.

Japanese standard: JIS series.

  • German standard rail material 50MN 71MN, etc.
  • German standard rail implementation standard: DIN536 DIN5901-1955 GB/T19001-2000
  • German standard rail specifications: A45 A55, A65, A75, A100, A120, A150

The domestic German standard rail steel is produced by a large factory, the quality is guaranteed, the deviation of the size and model is small, and it meets the quality standard

Complete specifications and sizes, indoor inventory, no rust. The minimum order quantity of the German standard rail steel factory is generally large, the single specification is at least 100 tons, and the delivery time is 1-2 months. The German standard rail includes German standard light rail, German standard heavy rail, German standard lifting rail, etc.

  • Japan and South Korea steel rail implementation standard JIS 1103-91 JIS E1101-93
  • Japan and South Korea steel rail material implements JIS E
  • Japanese and Korean rail specifications JIS 15KG, JIS 22KG, JIS 30A, JIS 37A, JIS 50N, CR 73, CR100, etc.

Railway rails are mainly produced from high manganese steel.

At present, the main materials are ordinary manganese-containing rails, copper-containing ordinary carbon steel rails, high-silicon copper-containing steel rails, copper rails, manganese rails, silicon rails, etc.

Q235/55Q light rail, 45MN, 71MN heavy rail, these two materials are commonly used now.

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