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AGICO Rail’s rails pay great attention to quality control and management. Our steel rail production is completely controlled according to the ISO9001-2008 quality system, and we have also obtained the railway product production license from the Ministry of Railways of China. We have a full set of testing equipment to ensure the quality of all our rail products to meet customer requirements.

AGICO Rail is an ISO 9001/2008 certified company. All processes are in accordance with the requirements of ISO quality management system, from supplier quality control to finished products, we operate in accordance with standard procedures, we have strict quality control system for suppliers:

  • For the inspection and testing of raw materials, we require suppliers to provide inspection indicators such as production batch number, chemical composition, and mechanical properties.
  • Our quality control inspectors take sample sampling and batch testing and provide raw material material certificates for control during the testing process.
  • According to the different requirements of products, we make corresponding physical and chemical tests and inspections. If the result does not meet our requirements, we will refuse to accept it and only the material will be accepted if it meets our standards.
  • For the semi-finished products and their outsourcing manufacturers, we often organize quality control coordination meetings, and provide technical support and guidance. Guaranteed delivery of qualified products to our customers prior to shipment.

Rail function: guide the wheels of rolling stock to move forward.

The section shape of the railroad rail adopts an I-shaped section with the best bending resistance, which is composed of three parts: the rail head, the rail waist and the rail bottom. In order to make the rail better withstand the forces from all sides and ensure the necessary strength conditions, the rail should have sufficient height, its head and bottom should have sufficient area and height, and the waist and bottom should not be too thin.

Railroad rail wear mainly refers to the side wear and wave wear of the rail on the small radius curve. As for vertical wear, it is normal in general and increases with the increase of axle load and total passing weight. Improper setting of track geometry will speed up the vertical wear rate, which should be prevented and can be solved by adjusting the track geometry.

The rolled rails should be straight without significant bending and twisting. The local bending and torsion of light and heavy rails and their corrective deformation, the inclination of rail end faces, etc., shall not exceed the standard requirements.

The surface of the railroad rail should be clean and smooth, and there should be no defects such as cracks, scabs, scratches, etc.; the end surfaces should not have shrinkage marks and interlayers. The allowable defects on the overall surface of the light and heavy rails and the extent of their geometrical quantities shall not exceed the standard.

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