Railway Fish Plate

rail joint bar

Railway fish plate is also known as rail joint bar, splice bar. As a rail fastener, railway fish plate is used to connect two ends of rail. The railway fish plate is easier than the rail welding, so it is widely applied rail connection. Generally, railway fish plate is used with fish bolt, the middle part of fish plate has bolt hole, An upper working surface contacting the lower part of the rail head along the upper and lower sides of the horizontal axis of the screw hole, and a lower working surface contacting the upper part of the rail bottom, the rear part of the upper working surface extending upward to form a transition section higher than the rail surface,The transition section forms a middle arch with a low intermediate arched shape along the length of the railway fishplate. The railway fish plate has a simple structure, which can reduce the impact of the wheel on the rail joint, increase the continuity of the longitudinal deformation of the rail at the joint, and improve the smoothness of the train.

A trusted railway fishplate supplier — AGICO Rail

AGICO Rail is a leading manufacturer of railway products, we can supply various standard railway fish plate and non-standard railway fish plate, compromise joint bars, insulated rail joint, Bulged fishplate and other types of railway fish plate.

  • AGICO Rail takes over 60% market share in Chinese railway field for railway fish plate.
  • A long-term supplier of CRCC for both domestic and overseas contracted rail projects in over 50 countries all over the world.
  • Customization service, both standard and non-standard fishplates can be customized for global buyers.
  • Granted ISO9001-2000 certificate and with approved license from China’s Railway Ministry to produce rail products.
  • Strict quality control, consistent quality guaranteed by 16 strict quality testing steps.

International standard railway fish plate

Chinese standard rail fish plate

GB standard rail joint

AREMA standard rail fish plate

AREMA rail joint

BS standard rail fish plate

BS rail joint

UIC rail fish plate

UIC standard rail joint

DIN standard rail fish plate

DIN rail joint

South American standard rail fish plate

South American rail jint

African standard rail fish plate

African standard rail joint bar

Hot-sale railway fish plate

StandardItemFree Download
American115-132RE115-132re-1     115-132re
AustralianAS 1085.1-2002  Railway track materialsRailway track materials
AS 1085.2-2002 FishPlatesFishPlates
Joint BarJoint Bar
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