Crane Rail Fastening System

crane rail fastener

Crane rail fastening system is used to fix the crane railway, connect the pieces of crane rails into a continuous railway line. The crane rail fastening system is made up of some parts including crane rail pad, crane rail clip, grout, and rail welding. As the core component of the crane rail fastening system, there are two kinds of crane rail clips: screw type and welded type.

AGICO Rail is both Specialized in manufacturing and supplying railway materials, we can provide professional rail fastening system solutions for crane rails, as well as designing, production, installation, and maintenance services. It helps to solve the problem of crane track damage caused by the traditional hard track fixing system and prolong the service life of the track system.

All we provide:

  • Clip fixing systems;
  • Elastomers pad & steel reinforced resilient pad
  • Continuous steel tie plate & non-continuous steel tie plate
  • Crane rails under different standard;
  • Various standard & non-standard track accessories;
  • Aluminum heat welding;
  • Provide track design and installation of technical services.
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Crane Rail Pad

The crane rail rubber pad is made of synthetic rubber that is resistant to abrasion, pressure, oxidation, UV and oil. The upper surface of the rubber pad has a groove to ensure that the bottom surface of the steel rail is always in close contact with the rubber pad, thereby reducing the wear of the rubber pad. The middle of the rubber pad is inlaid with a steel sheet which enhances the lateral rigidity of the rubber pad. The thickness of the steel sheet is very thin, and it is easy to roll up and transport. The width of the steel sheet is proportional to the width of the rubber pad. The standard delivery length of the rubber pad is 8-12 meters per roll, and the thickness of the pad is 7mm (+0.5). Temperature range: -25°C-100°C. The rail rubber pad can compensate for the unevenness of the surface of the rail and the surface of the steel pad, and the uniform pressure acting on the concrete foundation.

  • Can be supplied for any crane or railway rail
  • Reduced noise and vibration
  • Improved load distribution
  • Reduced rail wear
  • Reduced fatigue failure
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Crane Rail Clip

The welded adjustable crane rail clip (or rail clamp)is different from the ordinary rail clip. It has a special vulcanized rubber part. The vertical direction compresses the steel rail with elastic force, and the elastic force is controlled. The crane rail clip can be adjusted laterally and has a self-locking function. The base is made by forging process.

After metal forging, it can improve microstructure and mechanical properties. The mechanical properties of general castings are less than forgings of the same material. In addition, the forging process can ensure the continuity of the metal fiber structure, so that the shape and the fiber structure of the forging is consistent. The metal streamline is complete, which can ensure the good mechanical properties and long service life of the parts. The forgings produced by the process of compact die forging; cold extrusion and warm extrusion are different from the castings.

The crane rail fastening system has strict requirements on the fastening force and lateral force of each set of rail clip. The system requires the rail clip to be welded on the steel plate and bears a large alternating lateral force, so the requirements of material and welding are very strict. It adopts forging process, which has good safety performance and long service life. According to international technical requirements, the base must be forged.

  • Bolted Type: 3224/ 3112/ 3116/ 3120/ 3124
  • Welded Type: 9124 /9116 /9120/ 9220/ 1116/ 1216
  • Rail Pad: Mk2/ Mk7
  • Applicable Rail Type: A65/ A100/ A120/ JIS37/ JIS50/ JIS60/ QU80/ QU70/ QU120/ UIC54/ UIC60 etc

Rail welding

To connect the steel rails by welding, an adjustable crane rail clip must be used. The crane rail clip has a self-locking function against lateral force; the vertical direction compresses the rail with elastic force, allowing the rail to be heated and longitudinally elongated and shortened by the cold.

rail welding


Compared with ordinary cement, the characteristics of the grout include: good early strength and high compressive strength; good fluidity after molding, no plastic shrinkage; the grout is used for crane track grooves of port terminals and Grouting of large equipment foundations.

Projects of crane rail fastening system

AGICO Rail is a supplier of crane rail fastening system, we can supply crane rail fasteners for various standard crane rail, such as GB, UIC, BS, ASCE, and etc. based on the high quality and competitive price, we have exported crane rail fastening system to different countries.

1 US Gulf crane project

  • Rail: QU80
  • Clip: 9216/08/40

2 Uganda industrial plant overhead crane project

  • Rail:24kg
  • Clip:1116/15
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