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elastic rail clips types

In the railway track system, rail clips, often called an elastic rail clips, railway clips. What’s function of rail clips? Through the bending deformation of the elastic rail clips, the buckle pressure acts on the track, which can effectively ensure the reliable connection between the rail.

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The advantages of Rail Clip

  • Fastening Rails: Elastic rail clips are designed to fasten the rails firmly to the sleepers, preventing any movement that could lead to misalignment.
  • Maintaining Rail Gauge: They help in maintaining the correct distance between the two rails, known as the rail gauge, which is essential for the safe passage of trains.
  • Absorbing Vibrations: The clips absorb vibrations caused by passing trains, reducing wear and improving passenger comfort.
  • Preventing Rail Movement: By providing a strong clamping force, elastic rail clips prevent horizontal and vertical movement of the rails.

The specification of Rail Clip

E Rail Clip


























SKL Tension Clips

Generally speaking, elastic track clips are made of spring steel. Spring steel is steel used specifically to make springs and elastic components. Spring steel has excellent mechanical properties, bulletproof properties, fatigue properties and so on. The raw materials of the elastic track clamp are mainly 60Si2CrA and 38Si7 spring steel.

Elastic rail clips manufacturing process

rail clip processing

The raw material for rail clip production is the spring steel bar, which should be sheared as per the length required. The sheared rods are heated to 950 ℃ to 1000 ℃, and then the heated bar is transferred to the power press for forging. Place the forged rail clamp into the quenching tank. After checking the dimensional accuracy and quenching hardness of the rail clamp, tempering it to achieve the appropriate toughness in the spring. The final product is packaged after strict inspection.

Why choose our rail clip

AGICO is the largest and most competitive track clamp production base in China, with the Ministry of Railways national large and medium-sized track project bidding qualification at home and abroad. As a professional manufacturer and supplier of railway fasteners, we have more than 20 years of experience in the production of rail fixtures. We are able to produce a wide range of elastic track clips of the best quality.

Factors affecting Selection of rail clips

The choice of the appropriate rail clip is crucial for the safety and stability of the railway track system.

  • Track Gauge

The track gauge is the distance between the rails. Different gauge tracks require different types of rail clips.

  • Rail Type

Different rail types require different types of rail clips. For instance, elastic rail clips are generally used for standard rails, and non-elastic rail clips are suitable for slot rails. This is important as choosing the wrong type of rail clip can lead to rail instability and even accidents.

  • Sleeper Type

The type of sleeper used in the railway system is important factor that affects the selection of rail clips. Different types of rail clips are designed for different sleeper types, such as wooden sleepers, concrete sleepers, and steel sleepers.

  • Environmental Conditions

The change of external environmental factors such as temperature and humidity will affect the durability and strength of the rail clip. For example, changes in the temperature of a railway system can cause the tracks to expand or contract. Choosing a track clip that can withstand specific environmental conditions is crucial.

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